The Day after the Storm





Two days of winter. Chisinau caught up in April snowstorm

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When I looked out of my window yesterday morning, I gasped so loudly I could have woken people up. The forecast promised snow and me and my boss were discussing how could we expect some 40 cm on the next day. It all seemed like a joke, until Chisinau became covered in white.
While, day one seemed like an annoying episode of the global warming, the next day brought an absolute disaster.  Take the images of the Easter Bunnies still standing in the central park of the Moldovan capital. That one day sure as hell made a difference. On April 21, we sure did get at least 30 cm of snow, which felled hundreds upon hundreds of trees, cut off the transport and electricity lines in Chisinau and many towns and villages caught up in the storm.
I love my job. I braved bad weather for it. The road to work took about an hour in a suffocatingly-full bus, which miraculously appeared some 15 min after I arrived at the station.  The road to the office was blocked by 3 fallen trees and torn wires. Considering the state of emergency in the capital, the work day was cancelled and all of us were sent home. Since the trolleybus circulation – the fastest and most efficient way of getting around the city did not get restored until the point of writing (10 p.m.), walking was the only option. Thankfully, I made it home intact – wet through, and limping



Day one of the storm