#straysofmoldova part 4 – Red

Red is one of the offsprings of a cat that lived near a huge supermarket just across the street. Sometimes, there’s Red the First. Sometimes he’s joined by Red the Second (a brother). One is fatter than the other, he also is cross-eyed. Both were grew up on those steps.

Chisinau is home to thousands of stray cats and I would refrain from giving even a modest estimate of their numbers. There are two colonies of cats that I can see from the windows of my apartment block. While one slowly dwindled to some 4-5 mostly feral cats, the other one amounts to at least 15. There is a third colony living in a courtyard where the pups from #straysofmoldova Part 3 used to live and one more a bit further down from there. Even the most modest estimate would amount to at least 50 homeless felines (most likely the number is closer to 80-90) in the space of a bit more than one square km.

The situation in other parts of Chisinau is even more dire. Why are the numbers so high? Unfortunately, as it stands with dogs, cats do not benefit from any legal protection and breeding is absolutely unsupervised. Cats end up in the streets because numerous carless and uneducated owners prefer not to neuter their supposedly beloved pets because that is against nature.

What happens very often is that cats are left to roam the streets during the day and come in for the night. Knowing the extremely large numbers of both male and female cats that have not been sprayed and neutered, such carelessness leaves a regular increase in stray cat population…

Oftentimes, cats get thrown out for misbehavior, for instance a fairly recent Facebook post by a cat owner comes to mind. The man in question was looking for a new home for his young cat because he was misbehaving. The man wrote on Facebook that he’d put the animal down if a new home will not be found…

Aside from it all, the stray dogs which used to roam the streets of our neighborhood and many other neighborhoods around Chisinau get routinely poisoned. Thus, stray cats are left without any natural predators (aside from humans of course) and cold and hunger become their primary concerns
These are a few of the many reasons behind this drastic situation.

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