First read of the year: the Golden Son

Thrilling. Gripping. Jaw-droppingly good. Pierce Brown’s Golden Son is a deliciously wild ride.


In the second installment of Red Rising trilogy, Darrow is drawn further and further into the lies and cruelty that rules the solar system. He is destined to break the chains and free the reds, his kin toiling in the mines of Mars. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, hell-bent on revenge for the death of his wife and the torment of his family. The wolf that makes a mistake, leaving to his downfall in the eyes of the society and an army of Bellona vultures waiting to devour him whole. The Sons of Ares, the secretive organization working to bring the society down are in complete disarray, their leader sends Darrow on a suicide mission on Luna. Instead, Darrow ignites a civil war.



Golden Son: the reactions

Oh, the feels! The plot twists, the torment, the adventure, the torn hearts and beheadings! I’ve just finished the second installment of Pierce Brown’s Red Rising trilogy entitled the Golden Son, which I’m going to review twice. Yes, twice. Because it’s worth it. WARNING! Spoilers ahead.


Pierce Brown’s Red Rising

After all of the hype and rave reviews that “Red Rising” received from the media and book bloggers alike, here’s my take on Pierce Brown’s debut novel.
There’s something about teenage angst, revolution, disobedience and fight against the system when it comes to dystopian/futuristic novels. The novel centers around Darrow, who lives in an extremely segregated society, where “Reds” just like him don’t even know they are enslaved. Reds toil under the surface of planet Mars, wasting their lives just to make the planet habitable… only it already is. After the death of his wife, Eo, who defied the power of the “Golden” class by singing a song of freedom and revolution, and his own supposed demise, Darrow is spirited away by the secretive Sons of Ares (the “terrorists” who fight to bring down the unjust society from within).