Kids Duathlon marks the return of the sport to Moldova

Sunday, April 2, 2017 marked a new beginning for Moldovan sport, as duathlon made theDuathlon Kids Moldova first solid steps towards revival. The inaugural edition of the Kids Duathlon Championship organized at the stadium of National Technical University of Moldova gathered over 50 kids, who competed for the title of the champion in three age categories.
The youngest participants of the competition aged between 6 and 9 years old had to run 400 m and cycle 800 m, while their older counterparts had to do overcome an increasingly more difficult course in order to fight for the chance to earn the country’s historic champion titles . The competition was judged by Iurie Ostashin, the country’s most renown triathlete and Moldova’s only IRONMAN.
RIO_2810The Triathlon Federation of Moldova was re-established in 2016, after the sport’s governing body failed to develop the sport nation-wide and ceased functioning. The newly-created Federation is currently led by Dorin Alexei. Iurie Ostashin serves as the vice-president of the organization.
While the Federation has already organized an amateur indoor triathlon test event this winter, the Kids Championship became the first major step towards the organization of a junior duathlon/triathlon program. The inaugural edition of the adult edition of the duathlon will be the biggest test for the national sport to date. The event is set to take place in the center of the Moldovan capital city of Chisinau on the 30th of April.