#straysofmoldova part 9 – Mashka

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Mashka is a hero of one of the most controversial stray dog stories in Chisinau. 
There is a middle-aged lady in our neighborhood. She is often seen walking her dog – a male rottweiler-griffon cross-breed. When Mashka was in heat, she let her own homeboy procreate. The she let him do that again… She’s caring – in a way… This woman feeds the stray dogs, but she also effectively helps their numbers grow. Now Mashka is pregnant with her third litter of pups. 
While the two little ones on the photos below did get adopted, the second generation of her offspring did not fare well. A girl posted the adoption notice on Facebook said she managed to find a home for all 7 of the pups. In a day. All at once… Which, in Moldovan reality only means one thing – that the little ones were most likely dead soon after they left the bushes where they were born. 
Facebook is the most popular source for stray animal adoptions here in Moldova, but fact is it is oftentimes extremely different to find a home for one pup, let alone seven in one day. Some posts go without a phone call for many many days and very few dogs are lucky enough to find a home. The fact that all of the little ones were taken is a very dark sign. 

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