#straysofmoldova, part 1 – Nameless

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This can hardly be called a personal project, but I suppose, in a sense it became one.

You see, I’m one of those people that says hello to dogs. Any dogs. Stray dogs, pets… While I was still employed, on the weekends I’d go out to buy bones for the stray dogs that lived scattered around our Chisinau neighborhood. My mum once called me “a dog mummy”, even though I am by far doing much, much less than a lot of people I know or know of by animal protection groups.

The animals that I have managed to capture on my iPhone camera… most of them are already dead. I wish I could say they found a safe home and a loving family, but the harsh reality of the street life in Chisinau doesn’t leave me optimistic. Especially knowing that whole groups of my furry friends disappeared at the same time.

I couldn’t give them all a home, but I believe that showing a living being – human or animal-  a moment of kindness is important. What I also think is that it is important to leave a trace of those hundreds of thousands of stray dogs that roam or have roamed the streets of Chisinau over the years. Because they matter and because they are a testament to the failed values of Moldovan society.

So, there she is… The first one… Nameless a nameless dog in heat, followed by a pack. While most of the dogs or cats captured for #straysofmoldova  were long-time residents of our neighborhood, this one was seen just once.


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