Review: Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World’s Worst Dog by John Grogan

Book Reviews

John and Jenny were just beginning their life together. They were young and in love, with a perfect little house and not a care in the world. Then they brought home Marley, a wiggly yellow furball of a puppy. Life would never be the same.

Marley quickly grew into a barreling, ninety-seven-pound streamroller of a Labrador retriever, a dog like no other. He crashed through screen doors, gouged through drywall, flung drool on guests, stole women’s undergarments, and ate nearly everything he could get his mouth around, including couches and fine jewelry. Marley shut down a public beach and managed to land a role in a feature-length movie, always winning hearts as he made a mess of things. Through it all, he remained steadfast, a model of devotion, even when his family was at its wit’s end. Unconditional love, they would learn, comes in many forms

If you love dogs – Marley & Me is guaranteed to make you cry. Of laughter and sadness in the end. Me, I ended up wailing in the public transport. None of my pooches were even remotely as naughty (understatement?) as Marley, a dog-loving heart cannot stay calm and not emphasize while reading the last of John Grogan’s memoir. It’s touching, it’s fun and if you have a “world’s worst dog” it would probably make you feel less alone.

I knew absolutely nothing about retreivers before I picked Marley & Me up and it was enlightening to know that American labs and the English ones are different and these gentle family pets can turn out to be just a bit crazy in an endearing way.

Obviously, Marley & Me is not a manual on how to deal with a difficult dog and it’s not the most well-written book you’d ever get your hands on, but it’s lovable all the same, because it truly does teach that love comes in all forms, an while things may get difficult, a dog will always give you the most unconditional and rewarding love you’d ever encounter.


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