Review: Confessions of a Tinderella by Rosy Edwards

Book Reviews

The laugh-out-loud true story of one girl’s experience of life on Tinder.

Guilty as charged, I dropped the book at 30%. While Confessions of a Tinderella IS funny-enough and relatable (didn’t we all have awkward arranged dates or weird online dating experiences?), it is also kind of dull. Some paragraphs were too drawn out and frankly, I absolutely hated the fact that it took Rosy Edwards one fourth of her book to actually get into the subject of Tinder dating. Edwards can write well, and she can write funny, but I kept asking myself “When does she finally get on Twitter?” for way too long. Dropping a book early is not normal, but I probably would have done it earlier if it weren’t my insistence that any book should be given a fair chance and 30% is more than fair.The book/subject has a big potential, but the editing is a big problem. If she would have jumped into Tinder dating in chapter 2, or at least 10% through it would have been a much more interesting read. Some points of the introductory chapters should have been shortened or edited out altogether.

Confessions of a Cinderella is a good book, a good one – not a great one. Tinder is trendy, but unlike the case of two of my fairly recent reads (The Royal We and Tales from the Back Row), it’s not a comedy that plays in your head or a book that would make you want to be friends with the author/characters… Yes, it’s probably is a laugh-out-loud kind of story, but the spread out beginning left me unwilling to learn the end of it :/. Maybe it gets better as the dating disasters start piling up, but for me  Confessions of a Tinderella is just a solid 3*.


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