Review: Tales From the Back Row by Amy Odell

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“The beauty of fashion industry is that while everyone in it judges everyone, in a way, they also judge no one.”  


Brilliant writing, keen observations about the fashion industry and sharp humor. That’s Tales From the Back Row in brief. It’s fresh, it’s funny, but best of all, it’s relatable. Even if you’re an outsider whose experience with the industry amounts to passing each other by like ships in the night.

The world of fashion is a peculiar place inhabited by ethereal models, street style pretenders, bloggers and eccentric (and maybe somewhat weird and occasionally despotic) couture geniuses. Normal laws need not apply. Fashion industry is about standing out to fit it, and yes, it’s about pretty clothes, but also much much more… The people who wear them, the ones who create them, the ones who show them off, the parties where that happens. Amy Odell tells all about it.

What is it like, starting off in fashion with little knowledge of the industry? What does it take to get noticed by street style photographers during NY Fashion Week? How can you ruing a Vogue interview with Anna Vintour? What are encounters encounters with  Karl Lagerfeld and Rachel Zoe like?Are Victoria’s Secret Angels as out-of-this-world as you’d think they are? And many many more. Tales From the Back Row chronicles Amy Odell’s rise from party reporter to editor, her path has been extraordinary, unbelievable and a pure fun to read about.


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