10 things to expect: Outlander Season 2

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As the cruel reality of droughtlander starts to settle in, time to look forward to season two. Based on Diana Gabaldon’s Dragonfly in Amber, the season promises adventure, heartbreak and surprises. Major ones, if you’re new to the Outlander series universe. Here are the 10 things I would be looking forward to on Season 2.

Some spoilers behind the jump.

Outlander season 1.2 poster

1. Brianna.

Beautiful, whip-smart, charming and red-haired and very much related to several of the major characters, Brianna will play a major role in the 20th century storyline.Will say no further.

There is quite a bit of speculation that the casting for Brianna and other new characters could be announced at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Not long now. According to Sam Heughan’s comment on Facebook earlier this months, screen tests are yet to be made, but there are already several contenders.

Sophie Turner gets my vote for Brianna, however, that’s obvious wishful thinking, considering she’s on Game of Thrones. However, with the mess that GoT has turned into, for all we know Sansa could die… Rose Leslie  and Karen Gillian were also mentioned by the fans. Book readers, speculate away!

2. France.

Outlander cinematography. Beautiful Outlander cinematography and a new location… Think Paris. Think Versailles. We’re getting a new location, however we’re not entirely done with out beloved Highlands either. Outlander showrunner Ron Moore recently explained that most of the scenes would be filmed in Scotland, while scouting for Eastern European locations is also likely.

3. Claire’s friendships

I’ll miss Gaellis dearly and filling in the shoes of the enigmatic time-traveling redhead is no easy task.Claire will get a new wing woman, French princess Louise de Rohan.Then there’s Mother Hildegarde, patroness of the hospital Claire would volunteer her healing skills for, and Master Raymond.

4. Count Saint-Germain. Because black magic!

Outlander is not done with witchcraft just yet, and Claire is not done with stepping on villainous men’s toes. Claire meets Count Saint-Germain and costs him a ship-ful of precious cargo. Think trouble. 

5. Roger Wakefield, all grown up and smoldering.

Okay, maybe he’s just smoldering in reader’s imagination, but the chubby black-haired boy we’ve met very briefly in  season one will play a major role in the upcoming episodes of Outlander. 

5. Not so smooth sailing

The first episode of season two promises to be quite a shocker. If you think that getting away from Jack Randall would mean smooth sailing for the Frasers – you’re quite wrong. Our favorite couple will face quite a bit of turmoil  – after all, they’ll have a Jacobite uprising to derail. 


We did not see the last of several characters. One of them is Claire’s husband Frank. Expect a jaw-dropping reveal about his family-members and a very important decision.


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