Outlander: Sassenach

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Sing me a song of a lass that is gone,
Say, could that lass be I?

The first episode of Outlander is finally here, and as an excited fangirl I can barely hide my contentment. I have been waiting ten years to see the adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s masterpiece, the most loyal fans have stuck with the series for almost as long as I walk this earth, cause it’s just that good. Here’s a spoiler-free review for all the folks that might be tuning in next week.

H Roosvelt

First-off, the first episode of the show is really faithful to the book. And I mean it. Of course there are minor alterations (steamy Claire/Frank scenes in the castle leaves no objections), changes of dialogue and actual scenes that were mentioned in the book as a passing flashback, but it doesn’t matter. Starz set off to adapt one of the most epic novels of the last 25 years and the beginning of the season looks more than promising.


Favorite scenes aside from all the Jamie and Claire smolder?  The ghost. One of my favorite scenes from the whole book; and the dance of the druids. Gives you goose bumps.

Outlander druid dance scene]

The cinematography is glorious. Outlander crew has managed to capture Scotland’s landscape and spirit so beautifully, it takes your breath away. Feels like the trailers didn’t even remotely give the show’s beauty justice. Besides, the show has probably the most amazing opening sequence ever.

Gaelic. Ladies and gentlemen, no subtitles here. It’s a pleasure to hear the language of the Scottish Highlands on screen and it is hilarious to realize that I have been pronouncing it all wrong.every.time.

The cast just walked off the pages of the book. Fairly speaking a lot of Outlander fans seemed not much convinced about the casting, specifically Sam Heughan who plays Jamie Fraiser. I wasn’t either, but after the episode – well, I’ll be damned. Diana Gabaldon was very convinced, and so should be you. Caitrona Balfe playing Claire brilliantly portrays all the complexity of her character, her confusion and disbelief as she falls through the stones and her fierce spirit. The Claire/Jamie chemistry oozes off the screen. Tobias Menzies’ as Frank Randall is really good, but it’s Captain “Black” Jack Randall that captivates the viewers with his dangerous presence.

Jamie Claire

Readers from the US, you can check out the first episode of the show on YouTube here.


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