Death becomes her

Culture, Fashion

From weddings at London’s Victoria & Albert, to burrials at the Met. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is set to explore the darker side of fashion, with an exposition focusing on mourning attire, opening on October 21.

The upcoming exposition will focus on a century of mourning and will bring together the pieces that are part of the complex etiquette of grief. Death Becomes Her will feature approxomately 30 dresses, as well as a selection of mourning jewellry and accessories.

“Even in a subject that is so fraught with emotion, clothing is a very active participant in addressing these more intangible issues. It becomes a physical manifestation of grief and in a way becomes something that is a mechanism for dealing with it.”Harold Koda, Curator-in-charge for WWD


The visitors of the exposition will have an opportunity to learn the history of the morning dress, witness its aesthetic development and the changes of the silhouette between 1815 and 1915. The MET’s tribute to the mourning style will also feature some of the most famous gowns worn by Queen Victoria and Queen Alexandra.

Death Becomes Her will be held at the Anna Wintour Costume Center, from October 21 until February 1, 2015. 



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