Lady Stoneheart matters

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Next season Jamie Lannister is going on a “holiday” to Dorne. Sea, southern beaches, heat and dangerous women, that kind of holiday. It’s no longer a spoiler.

The bookies have all been eagerly waiting for what could have been one of the most epic season-ending cliffhangers of television. Take the Red Wedding and multiply the YouTube reactions by 10. Raw, gut-wretching shocker for the ones who have not read the Song of Ice and Fire series…. Well, nope. We get Arya, a killer sailing off to Braavos (which is perfectly exciting, don’t get me wrong) and the hopes that Lady Stoneheart, aka the undead Catelyn Stark sometime next season, but seems like yet again we are in for a major disappointment.

Michelle Fairley has just confirmed to Entertainment Weekely that Catelyn Stark will, in fact, remain dead on the HBO show.

“Yeah, the character’s dead. She’s dead […] You respect the writers’ decision,” Fairley said. “They can’t stick to the books 100 percent. They have got to keep it dramatic and exciting, and extraneous stuff along the way gets lost in order to maintain the quality of brilliant show.”

Surely, as an actress it would seem wise not to criticize the hand that feeds you. Fairley’s mama Stark is now familiar to thousands of Game of Thrones fans from accords the globe, making her one of the most recognizable characters of the series. The fact is that during the most successful season of the show, while the episodes were breaking viewership records, the writers of the show have started to thread dangerous waters, continued killing off characters that are still alive in the books, giving Arya Stark yet another meeting that did not happen, changing the events that led to the Hound’s grisly end and omitting Tysha from one of the most important scenes in the whole series. Oh, and don’t forget spoiling the books with the revelation of White Walker king and his army of blue-eyed babies.

Stoneheart walks a fine line between the magic elements and the grisly reality of the show. Her return undermines the effect of the Red Wedding, lets the readers know that even the darkest of betrayals have consequences. At the same time, it would be beyond tragic to see Catelyn, the most noble woman in the series turn into a murderous zombie driven mad by grief. Catelyn is back, lost in perpetual sorrow and thinking that all of her children are dead. Her storyline is all about revenge, and in revenge – be careful what you wish for. The line between justice and revenge is just too thin.

Keeping one of the most complex developments of the book series out of the HBO adaptation would be the ultimate sacrilege for all of the bookies out there. The fans have already started a petition to usher the creators of their series to change their minds, but with the rumors that Rob Stark’s pregnant dead wife Talisa (who does not exist in the books either) will be HBO’s Stoneheart make the anticipation of the next season an even darker affair. Cutting the character altogether, or changing her fate would, undoubtedly, be one of the biggest mistakes of screenwriting to be ever made.

Lady Stoneheart


3 thoughts on “Lady Stoneheart matters

  1. I never read the books and have only heard of Lady Stoneheart through the blogosphere. I get that a TV show doesn’t have enough time to go through all the plotlines and little details that a book can, but this seems like a big part to gloss over. Zombie Catlyn would make for good television.

    1. It really is a big part, however admittedly there have not been that many developments in her story in the books. Fingers crossed, the writers are just playing it safe while waiting for Martin’s extra source material, though that might… ahem, take a while!

  2. I kind of hated Zombi Kat. It’s annoying, and it undermines the damn power of the show. Leave consequences to the living.

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