#straysofmoldova part 6 – Ginger

Ginger is one of those typical, friendly and all-too-smart neighborhood cat. He’d like you even if you are a dog person, that says a lot, doesn’t it?

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#straysofmoldova part 5 – Longie

Autumn 2015 – I was walking Bonnie, my tiny four-pawed daughter, when we saw a dog on the brink of starvation in one of the courtyards not too far from my home. She was, beyond doubt, one of the worst cases that I have ever seen. Her bones were showing, you could count every rib and every bone of her back. She was a nursing mum.

I saw her some days before, heavily pregnant, begging the passersby for food. Unfortunately, when it comes to wondering strays – not the usual residents of your Chisinau neighborhood – there’s rarely a chance for you to actually feed the dog. Sometimes you don’t have the money, sometimes there’s no supermarket or butcher’s nearby, sometimes they just run off before you can return with a juicy bone…

Longie, as we later called her, stopped and stared at us. I took Bonnie in my arms and sat down. The stray approached me and put her head on my lap. Stroke me please…  

The next day we went out searching for the litter, there weren’t that many places to hide and the pups simply had to be nearby. Two days later, we found them hidden beneath central heating pipes. You had to get through some heavy undergrowth in a secluded spot where nobody really walked. This is what saved both her and the pups, 5 beautiful furry babies, who were all adopted.

This winter I almost cried when I saw she was alive after almost a month-long absence. She’s no longer a skeletal creature, because Longie has character and skill. She knows where to get food, who could give it to her and she’s not below taking the food away from more timid dogs. She also is quite crazy and loves running around in circles.

Moldova Celebrates Women’s Karate Festival 

Martial arts aren’t for girls. Girls should not fight. The ideas of what a girl should or should not do are oftentimes very pronounced when it comes to sports. When it comes to boys, the skills, philosophies and discipline of martial arts like karate are often seen as a positive influence, a way to channel their energy. The benefits that the sport could bring to a girl are often overlooked. The Women’s Karate Festival of Moldova aims to fight the stereotypes and bring girls into this sport. The second edition of the Festival and the first international one, took place on Sunday 5th of March.

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Chisinau Women Karate Festival photo report part 1

Prague doorways

There are things known and things unknown and in between are the doors.
Jim Morrison 

While I have always been fascinated by the windows of Prague’s many architectural gems, I suppose I have never paid that much attention to doors as I have during my trip to the Czech Republic back in January.  The doors of the Czech capital tell their own old stories…

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