Comrade “Deathless”

When I put “Deathless” down, all of a sudden the world seemed hazy and a little grayer than normal. Communist house-elves, Baba Yaga supporting Soviet ideology, Zmei Gorynich, the three-headed treasure-hoarding dragon executing the victims of Stalinist repressions (probably he’s a secret Targaryen?), and of course, Koschei the “Deathless” and Marya Morevna… It is a book that left […]

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The Letter from an unknown woman

She loved him even before the moment she first saw him. A child, infatuated with the mere idea of the handsome and well-educated young writer living next-door. Hours on end, she would look through the keyhole or stand beneath his windows, struggling to get a glimpse of the world that was his. Somehow, she thought, […]

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A very Sassenach wedding

Here comes the bride, all dressed in white… and the Outlander book fandom goes: Well, no…. not 84 years, but some of the most loyal fans of Diana Gabaldon’s masterpiece have been waiting for this moment for almost as much time as I walk this earth. The fandom has always been that strong – before […]

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Orphan train by C. Baker Kline

 Parental love, loss, helplessness and broken childhoods… The Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline follows the story of Molly, a troubled teenager of American Indian descent, who, by the age of 17 has lived in a string of foster homes. One day, after Molly gets caught stealing Jane Eyre from the local library, her paths cross […]

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